Baptism events

Baptism events are designed with knowledge, experience and creativity. Together we will create a dream scene, ideal for the first celebration of the most valuable member of your family! Extremely interesting is the possibility of preparing meals specially designed for young children, healthy and above all attractive for our little friends, served in colorful paper lunchboxes or with any other idea you can imagine.


Your christening invitation can be themed and combined with your decoration. It can be simple or constructive or even a wedding favor invitation. Cars, balloons, animals, butterflies, comic book heroes, princess stars…

Christening favors

We create the christening favors together exactly as you wish it, with the materials, the ribbons and the decorative elements that you think will fit best. Pouches with keychains, wooden, nautical seafood, bonbonniere toys, candies, pictures, sticks, boxes, ceramics, burlap pouches, pendants…


Together we will create a dream scene, ideal for the first celebration of the most valuable member of your family! Colorful balloons, vibrant color combinations, ice cream stands and large inflatable toys are just some of the ideas that promise to fill the space, but also the hearts of young and old with childish enthusiasm.


For a special and playful note, we recommend Candy bar with delicious cookies, cupcakes, candies, shotguns, cool lemonade that little ones will love & amp; great! Each candy bar is unique, we create it step by step based on the theme & amp; the colors you have chosen.


We offer wonderful and unique clothes, shoes and accessories for the little protagonists of your life. Give a note of uniqueness by choosing handmade accessories that fully meet your style and preferences. Create memories that will accompany you throughout your life.

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Professional animateur, clowns and magicians who will offer the young protagonists of the celebration hours of joy and creative activity. At the same time, the variety of flavors, the excellent wine and the music investment by professional Dj’s will give moments of relaxation and fun to the older ones.