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The obligation of itanmiafora.gr is the information given on the website itanmiafora.gr and regarding the quality, the quantity, the main characteristics and the prices of the products to be absolutely accurate.
However, on the computer screen some products may appear slightly different from reality (color, size, texture).

The prices listed in the catalogs next to each product include VAT.
These prices refer to the quantities that are available, while itanmiafora.gr reserves the right to modify the description and prices of its products without prior notice, but undertakes to fulfill the order to send the products you ordered with the features and the prices posted on its website at the time of the order.

The use of itanmiafora.gr by each user is at his own risk and its content does not constitute and can in no way be construed as providing advice, direct or indirect encouragement to users to take any action or action. The evaluation of the content is the responsibility of each user who certifies that he has full legal capacity under Greek law and assumes sole responsibility for the use of any part thereof. In the event that information of a certain person is entered in the relevant fields of the website, it is irrefutably presumed that the information in question is true, has been entered by the person himself and that this is legally competent. Otherwise, the company reserves all its legal right to claim from any responsible party the compensation of any damage that will be suffered by the order.


The website has been created with the aim of the electronic sale of wedding, christening, seasonal (Easter, Christmas), children & baby clothes & shoes and their sending in the form of a parcel.


For the registration of the user on the website itanmiafora.gr, where and as long as required, the user agrees to provide true, accurate, valid and complete information about the information requested in the relevant requests for access to the contents / services. Users agree to immediately notify itanmiafora.gr of any unauthorized use of their account and any occurrence and / or possible breach of security.


The customer as a consumer within the meaning of Law 2251/1994 (“On consumer protection”) certifies that:

– Knows the identity and address of the company as a supplier, since these details are listed above on this website,

– the full cost of the service provided is clearly indicated, and, as long as it does not include VAT, this is explicitly and explicitly stated, and any additional costs (transport, etc.) are clearly indicated,

– understands and fully consents to the method of payment, delivery and execution, has not been asked to pay any amount for communication with the company

– is fully and thoroughly informed about all the characteristics, essential as well as insignificant, of the products and / or services.

The consumer customer is entitled to withdraw within fourteen (14) calendar days, returning the goods in their original condition, charged with the return costs. This withdrawal must be made by the customer in writing and notified to itanmiafora.gr. The merchant must return the money within 14 days of receiving the cancellation request. However, it may be delayed to return the money if you do not receive the products or proof of return. Refunds must include shipping costs paid by the consumer for the purchase.

Please note that returned products must not be used, worn, washed, modified or damaged and the labels accompanying the product must be present, as they were when you received it along with the retail receipt or invoice. You must also contact the store at 2102585910 for instructions.


In the unlikely event that the consumer customer receives a defective or damaged product the store will make every effort to replace it with the same or similar product at no additional cost. The consumer customer must inform by e-mail or by phone to be sent instructions for the return of the product. If the product is no longer available, it can be replaced with an equivalent product by arrangement or refund. Itanmiafora.gr does not have a guarantee policy. It is not responsible for any damage that may occur from normal wear, misuse and damage when removing the labels.

In case it is impossible to execute an order, itanmiafora.gr has the right to withdraw and not fulfill it, and in case the price has already been collected, it is returned by deposit in your Bank account.


The links in this area are not under our control and our Company does not bear any responsibility for the contents, the changes or the way of being informed by them.


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